Dear Musician 


Welcome to Skagen Festival no 49  – still alive and kicking

After more than four decades we are still ambitious music lovers and festival organizers. And we are very happy to welcome you here along with many other great musicians.
As always we aim to create an even better festival than the year before. We know that our audience always have great expectations, and we have done our utmost to fulfill them.
Our music program 2019 is as ambitious, as spectacular and as exciting as ever – and you are an important part of it.

Over the years thousands of people have worked very hard on a voluntary basis to make Skagen Festival a success and a great place to be. Close to 650 volunteers work every year during
the long festival weekend to make sure that everything works out perfectly, no matter where you go and where you play.

We aim to please the audience, but pleasing our musicians is equally important. We hope you can feel it and that you will be having a wonderful time here – on stage and off stage.

Maybe you know already that Skagen is a special place? But if this is your first time here then
we feel sure that you will quickly realize that this is indeed a very special place! We wish you a great time and a great gig.
Both the ones you play and the ones you might get a chance to listen to on your way around town and to the various venues.

Skagen Festival presently has six venues: Skagen Kultur- & Fritidscenter, Havnescenen, Torvescenen, Kulturhus Kappelborg, Skagen Kirke and Skawbaren.

Be sure to join us Saturday for The Festival Session in Skagen Kultur- & Fritidscenter and Sunday for The Singers’ Afternoon, where everybody join forces, play and sing together to create magic moments for all.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem whatsoever. We will do everything we can to make sure that your stay here, the sound & light, and everything to do with your gig will work out perfectly. 


It’s Good to See You


Lis Jensen

Formand - Skagen Festival

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